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Multifunction Power Meter's features?

Release Date:[2016-01-15]     Browse:1475
Multifunction Power Meter enough precision measurement of three-phase power system in all common power parameters: three-phase voltage, phase current, active power, reactive power, power factor, line frequency, there are reactive power, reactive power, and. with a communication interface and pulse output functions. Using MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, to achieve LED display and remote RS-485 digital communications.
Multifunction Power Meter with easy installation, wiring is simple, easy maintenance, engineering, field programmable set of input parameters and other characteristics, and can be completed with industry PLC, industrial computer group network communication.
Multifunction Power Meter features as follows:
Measurements: Three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, active power, reactive power
Measures: positive and negative active energy, reactive energy inductive capacitive
Display: three rows of LED digital display, high visibility
Communication: RS485 communication, MODBUS-RTU protocol
Output: 2-way power pulse output (pulse constant 10000imp / kwh)
Expansion: access signals directly from current and voltage transformer, field programmable set of input parameters ratio
With the election: Can additional analog 4-20mA transmitter output, digital input, digital output, upper and lower limit alarm function
Uses: Suitable for all kinds of line circuits, high-capacity monitoring and management with a complete electrical circuit in the electrical parameters
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