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  • product name : DDS1531 Single-phase static kWh Meters
  • product brand : LBAJI
  • Place of Origin : CHINA
  • E-mail : sales@labji.com
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Detailed Instruction


DDS1531 series single-phase electronic watt-hour meter adopts ultra-large digital energy measurement chip and SMTtechnology, its key components selects that of international brand industrial class, to greatly improve the reliability and service life of product. The product present s graceful appearance, firm structure, good performance and long service life, besides, it has the function of anti-electricity theft , is suitable for measuringAC single-phase active energy of reference frequency 50Hz or 60Hz.

Produce Specification

Reference Voltage Reference frequency Accuracy grade Basic current(max current)

220V 、 240V

50Hz、 60 Hz

1 grade, 2 grade Class

1.5(6)A ,2.5(10)A ,5 (20)A,10(40)A
15( 16)A ,20 (80)A, 5 (30)A, 10(60)A

Main Technical data

    1 .Workingvoltage :0.9Un-1.1Un;
    2 .Power consumption: less than 2w/ 10VA;
    3 .Executive standard: GB/T 17215.321-2008/IEC 6 1036 :2000;
    4 .Good temperature perform ance: the error shall not exceed accuracy range within the temperature range-25"C55"C;
    5 .Good light-load performance;the instrument has fine accuracy class at ultra-light load;
    6 .High accuracy of actual online measuring, high reliability,long service life;
    7 .Simple installation and operaton;the installation position can ' t be affected by anything;
    8 .Strong overload capability ; the meter overload ability can reach above 6 times within the accuracy class .
    9 .Strong ability of transportation resistance ; the instrument can ' t cause the change of error under kingds of normaltransportation conditions,user needn ' t adjust it after opening the box .

Normal working conditions andinstallation conditions

1 .Specified working temperature:-25"C-55"C;

2 . Utmost working temperature:-25"C-60"C;

3 . Relative humidity ≤85%(at environment temperature 23"C)

4. There shall be no harmful substance causing the corrosion in the air.

Outline & installation size

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